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  ID Title> Position Play Type
1 Ball on 2 coming out RUHLB Scrimmage Play inside short 5
2 Accordion Mechanics RUHLB Normal Scrimmage Play
3 BJ Correctly Reading Plays B Normal Scrimmage Play
4 Back Judge Staying Deeper than Receivers B Normal Scrimmage Play
5 Goal Line Coverage for R, U, & BJ RUB Scrimmage Play inside short 5
6 Measurements RUHLB Measurement
7 PAT Mechanics--BJ B Scoring Kick inside 10
8 PAT Kick Mechanics for Wing Officials HL Scoring Kick inside 10
9 PAT Kick Mechanics for Referees R Scoring Kick inside 10
10 Penalty Administration--BJ B Penalty Enforcement
11 Penalty Administration--Head Linesman H Penalty Enforcement
12 Penalty Administration--Referee R Penalty Enforcement
13 Penalty Enforcement--Umpire U Penalty Enforcement
14 Penalty Administration--Line Judge L Penalty Enforcement
15 Quarter Change Mechanics RUHLB Quarter Change
16 Referee giving Signals out in the Open R Deadball Time
17 Referees Moving Into the Sidezones R Normal Scrimmage Play
18 Umpire Relays Doublestakes Signal UHL Normal Scrimmage Play
19 Umpire Working Sideline to Sideline U Normal Scrimmage Play
20 Wing Officials Correctly Read the Play HL Normal Scrimmage Play
21 PAT Kick Mechanics--U U Scoring Kick inside 10
22 Punt--HL holding line of scrimmage till punt H Punt
23 Communication between BJ and Wing Official HLB Touchdown
24 Umpire Correctly Spotting the Ball U Normal Scrimmage Play
25 Goal Line Plays Wings HL Scrimmage Play inside short 5

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